WordPowered brings together teachers of
English from a variety of backgrounds by using short stories,
poetry and film.  
Each part of the project is work in progress and each part requires the active
participation of teachers and their students to help develop a full set of
resources.  There are three parts to the project:
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'Grains of Truth'
25 very short stories in print
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'False Friends'
Almost a novel about a
language school

"A piece of utter nonsense
wrapped up in comforting
prose.  Just the thing for a
long bus ride on a rainy day."
John Kentman

"Thank goodness it's free."
Jane Aspley

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New Publication
Rice & Chips
15 Trips Around Portugal and the
Dinner Table.
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Due to the cost of maintaining this site, it will not be accessible after June 2014
when the current lease expires.

Thank you for your understanding, and thank you for your support over the years
WordPowered Team